Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Hola mi familia y amigos!

I am loving the MTC.  The spirit here is incredible and everyone is so friendly.  The first day was complete chaos being rushed around everywhere.  We even had our first class-ALL IN SPANISH. It was crazy.  My companion is Hermana Parkinson. She is from Longmont, Colorado and she is awesome! We get along well-probably because she's easy going but a hard worker.  We are in a district of 12 people.  4 Hermanas y 8 Elders.  We taught our first lesson yesterday (Friday) to a lady named Marta all en espanol! It went well and we ended up getting invited back to teach her again.  There were some awkward silences where me and my companera didn't know what to say but I feel the gift of lenguas (tongues) kicking in and it's been amazing.  God really is making it possible for me to pick up on Espanol.  My teacher is Hermano Clark and he really knows what he is talking about and knows just how to help us.  My Zone leaders have been here 4 weeks and seem to know nearly everything.  They are a huge aid in figuring out the MTC. I met my branch presidente Swenson and that went well.  Tomorrow is fast and testimonio meeting and it's all in spanish.  The presidente extended an invitacion y challenge for us to get up and bear our testimonies tomorrow.  I am planning on it but my testimony is all written down in espanol in case I forget how to say certain things.  I am practicing memorizing mi proposito (my purpose) on page one of the Preach My Evangelio (gospel) and studying how to say un oracion (prayer) en espanol. 

While there is a set schedule, it really is up to me and my companera to plan what we are going to accomplish in a day. 9 hours a day are spent in a classroom.  3 hours for teaching investigators y each other-no teacher there. 3 hours of instruction time con (with) mi maestro (my teacher).  3 hours of study- 1 hour for personal study, 1 hour for companera estudiar, 1 hora para idioma estudiar (1 hour for companion study).  By the end of the day you're exhausted and ready to crash.  

Oh and at night there are speakers everywhere and at 10:15 you hear, "10:15 pm it is now quiet time" and at 10:30 pm you hear, "10:30 pm it is now lights off."  It reminded me of hunger games the first time I heard it.  

Anyways, Saturdays will be my P-day while I'm at the MTC so that is when you should plan on hearing from me.

La comieda es no bueno pero es asi porque (the food is not good but it's okay because) a mission is not about the food.  My schedule is so full and it is enabling me to be very productivo con mis horas.  Thank you for all the sweet Dear Elders and notes that I've received.  It makes my day.  I am the person who has got the most mail so far and so that feels amazing... Not only have I got the most mail but I also brought the most stuff la hermanas in my room decided.  I overpacked holy cow....

Anyways I love you all and know that this is where I'm supposed to be.  

Se mi familia es junto para siempre, yo se JesuCristo le ama.  y es importante que oramos (I know my family is together forever, I know Jesus Christ loves you, and  it's important that we pray. )

Hear from you next week! Keep the letters coming.  Love it.  Tell me more about you guys and life. 

Oh and I am not able to upload pictures yet due to me having to buy some sort of a converter that I insert my memory card in and connect it to la computadora so I will send some once I figure it out :)

Te amo,

Hermana Waters
no hermana aguas tag :( 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

After much preparation and anticipation, the day has finally arrived!  Abby is officially at the MTC!!!  She was beaming with excitement from the moment she woke up this morning!  Here are a few pictures of her being dropped off today!  It was hard to be sad that she was leaving us for 18 months when she was so glad to be there!  She truly has a deep love for this gospel!  Her family is so over the top happy for her!