Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 28 Modesto

This week I learned a lot about why I am on a mission.

I thought I was here to only Preach the Gospel.  But something clicked with me this week that I would like to share.  
The past couple of weeks having a really loving companion has led me to think a lot about how she can love how she loves.  The first day she was serving me by making me whatever she made for herself.  Gave me half of whatever she had.

At first I rejected it.  I felt like she was over the top, and a little to lovey with me.  It freaked me out.  Up to this point I had felt loved but I cannot describe what begin to happen.

That is when I realized that I don't know how to love as deep as I want to.  I am learning more about myself and learning to accept the our pouring love.

To think someone can just love so quick is crazy.  At first it was weird but now I'm trying to follow in her footsteps.  At first, what was hers was hers and what was mine was mine but now mine is hers and hers is mine. At first, we were put together because it's what the Lord wanted but now it's because it's what we want.  

We went from roommates who were assigned to friends who wanted to be roommates.  

The difference was letting the Savior into our relationship.  As we seek to include the Savior we will find a greater love and peace.  Working together to strengthen our weaknesses is a blessing that we have as humans.  We have families and friends to help and support one another.

May we take full advantage of this opportunity.
In our search for happiness, we learn about the fruits of the gospel and how blessed we are.  In closing I'm going to share a quote from it. 

'We don't claim to have a corner on the goodness market.  Nor would we pretend to profess that Latter-day Saints live lives free of worldly care and concern. But we honestly and sincerely feel that God has given us something special, something infinitely worth sharing.'

Love you all,

Hermana Waters

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week 27 Modesto


This week was definitely una semana loca.   We received tons of water (it rained for 2 days straight) and got a little road rash on my leg but hey, they never said missionary work was easy. lol  It is definitely worth it.  Yesterday the chapel was full with people it was amazing.  I have never seen such a full chapel.  Less actives as well as investigators.   It was amazing.  

Luz, an investigator we had that we gave to the other Hermanas since we divided the boundaries  is doing amazing.  The hermanas swang by her house and she's been reading her Libro de Mormon and praying EVERY day since we last met with her!  That amazed me.  She is all the way in Mosiah.  She knows that the church is true and has a baptism coming up.  

We are now teaching Lupe (the recent convert) 's brother, Jorge.  We hope that he will keep acting in faith.  

We are teaching tons and finding ourselves lost more and more.  The work goes a lot easier when that happens.  

Yesterday I was reading in Helaman 11 and in this chapter we can see the whole Pride circle. How God blesses his people, he lets them prosper.  But as we prosper we draw farther away from him.  We rely no more on himself but on our own strength.  
And it came to pass that the people saw that they were about to perish by famine, and they began to remember the Lord their God
The whole first part of this chapter talks about how Nephi just prays and pleads with God that he will forgive this people of wicked but his words are not enough, they begin to see it.  They recognize that they are in the wrong and through verses 8-16 we see these people are pleading asking for forgiveness because it took them so long to recognize they were in the wrong. 
17 And it came to pass that in the seventy and sixth year the Lord did turn away his anger from the people, and caused that rain should fall upon the earth, insomuch that it did bring forth her fruit in the season of her fruit. And it came to pass that it did bring forth her grain in the season of her grain.

Yet God is beautiful.  He is bound to his word. He promises us that when we repent he will forgive us.  He will release his anger and let the blessings pour out. How loving is that.  We put ourselves in the misery and he just waits angered and frustrated.  

God really wants us to be happy. Sometimes our hard human hearts have to see the punishments and consequences to recognize we are the are in the wrong.  Trust in God.  Trust in his plan for you. In verse 23 And in the seventy and ninth year there began to be much strife. But it came to pass that Nephi and Lehi, and many of their brethren who knew concerning the true points of doctrine, having many revelations daily,therefore they did preach unto the people, insomuch that they did put an end to their strife in that same year.

We learn we too can have daily revelations.  I can promise that as we seek to correct ourselves and follow God's plan, we too will receive many revelations daily. 

May you all be safe this week and remember your divine identity.
Hermana Waters

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Week 26 Modesto

Boy where do I start.  

This week was full of miracles.

We had so many member present lessons.  Received so many referrals from the members.  Had 2 investigators come to la Conferencia en General. I watched in spanish and understood it but it didn't seem as powerful I think because I was a little delayed at times but the spirit was still there.  I am downloading it in english onto the flash drive though! I appreciate all the quotes and notes sent to me about it! 

Socorro was out with us nearly everyday. She calls us up everyday to check in and see how we are doing.  She then comes over and loads up our bikes in the bed of her old green truck and we go out for the day.  She calls us her hijas (daughters). She really is like a mother over here.  I appreciate her.  She's going to be heading to Mexico though to see her sister for a while so we'll see if I'm still here when she gets back.

Rosa and her son Jorge (18) we taught the Law of Chastity to and that was really interesting because we brought a member along, Lorena (21) to help teach.  We asked her how she'd gained a testimony of Joseph Smith as a prophet she said she didn't know.  We asked how she has seen the blessings of living la ley de castidad and she said she hadn't.  It was just super awkward.  We were teaching basically Rosa, Jorge, and our member.  

We run into Heidi a lot.  She came to general conference to swing by and give us some cards, she ran into the english missionaries from another ward (since I was in the spanish session) and asked, "is Waters here?!?'  They know better, but sure enough they went and pointed me out.  She always reminds us she's going to take us out for pizza and we can play tennis together.  No she's not a member, and yes she is a little crazy... 

I feel blessed to be out here doing the work.  The feelings Conference brings are amazing.  I hope we all look forward to the upcoming Ensign Conference Edition.  

I know we have a prophet here today.  I know that God knows we aren't perfect but that he knows one day we can be through dedication in this life and grace in the life to come.  

Remember who we are.  And remember that every single person you pass on the streets is of the same divine nature.  May we strive to follow Him everyday.  para siempre.

Love you all always,
hermana waters xoxo