Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Week 26 Modesto

Boy where do I start.  

This week was full of miracles.

We had so many member present lessons.  Received so many referrals from the members.  Had 2 investigators come to la Conferencia en General. I watched in spanish and understood it but it didn't seem as powerful I think because I was a little delayed at times but the spirit was still there.  I am downloading it in english onto the flash drive though! I appreciate all the quotes and notes sent to me about it! 

Socorro was out with us nearly everyday. She calls us up everyday to check in and see how we are doing.  She then comes over and loads up our bikes in the bed of her old green truck and we go out for the day.  She calls us her hijas (daughters). She really is like a mother over here.  I appreciate her.  She's going to be heading to Mexico though to see her sister for a while so we'll see if I'm still here when she gets back.

Rosa and her son Jorge (18) we taught the Law of Chastity to and that was really interesting because we brought a member along, Lorena (21) to help teach.  We asked her how she'd gained a testimony of Joseph Smith as a prophet she said she didn't know.  We asked how she has seen the blessings of living la ley de castidad and she said she hadn't.  It was just super awkward.  We were teaching basically Rosa, Jorge, and our member.  

We run into Heidi a lot.  She came to general conference to swing by and give us some cards, she ran into the english missionaries from another ward (since I was in the spanish session) and asked, "is Waters here?!?'  They know better, but sure enough they went and pointed me out.  She always reminds us she's going to take us out for pizza and we can play tennis together.  No she's not a member, and yes she is a little crazy... 

I feel blessed to be out here doing the work.  The feelings Conference brings are amazing.  I hope we all look forward to the upcoming Ensign Conference Edition.  

I know we have a prophet here today.  I know that God knows we aren't perfect but that he knows one day we can be through dedication in this life and grace in the life to come.  

Remember who we are.  And remember that every single person you pass on the streets is of the same divine nature.  May we strive to follow Him everyday.  para siempre.

Love you all always,
hermana waters xoxo

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