Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Week 22 - Modesto

Hermana Carpenter is going home next week so next Monday I will know who will be my companion and where I will be going.  I hope to stay here in Modesto.  The members are basically my family.  Every time I think about even the thought of leaving I get a little teary eyed.  I want to just tell President Palmer that I've received revelation that I need to stay in Modesto and invite him to pray for a confirmation of my revelation...  I think I will stay but I'm going to knock on wood just to be sure.  Transfers are stressful since it's all up in the air.  I look forward to learning from a new companion as well as serving in whatever area I am in.  

We are working with Socorro as a Recent convert and trying to encourage her to read El Libro de Mormon.  She's been coming out with us to lessons and has been doing awesome.  It's amazing to be using a convert in now teaching others and inviting them to come unto Christ.  She's an awesome side kick to las hermanas misioneras. 

We also have been talking with Roberto Renteria, who is 14 years old.  His parents are active members and his sister is Less Active, and he's not baptized.  We had a really good lesson about desires.  This sunday we were excited to see that him and his sister and his sister's husband (not a member) showed up! It was a miracle.  Hermano Renteria, his dad, is in the Branch Presidency and the look on his face literally was incredible to see.  He was smiling ear to ear.  He's funny and tells us to come back EVERY day.  I know the gospel blesses households.  That it lightens any burden, aliviates stress, and brings true happiness.  I saw that with Maxine and Jose.  This week Maxine had a scary incidence in her own house with her 17 year old grandson.  He is drinking, smoking marijuana, doesn't work or go to school.  I know that the gospel every family needs to be protected from the adversary. He's dang good at causing contention.  

D&C 10:​
63 And this I do that I may establish my gospel, that there may not be so much 

contention; yea, Satan doth stir up the hearts of the people to contention concerning the points of my doctrine; and in these things they do err, for they do wrest the scriptures and do not understand them.

The​ doctrine of Christ is not contention. It's not about anything but love.  As we bring love into all of our relationships we will feel happier.  

I firmly believe that because that if we base our actions on the love we have for the people around us, we will see changes in our behavior and our hearts for the better.  

I love you all, love the teaching of Christ and his example

Hermana Waters

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