Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Week 21 - Modesto

Hola Amigos!

Sorry LDS Email wasn't working the previous week.

This week I read a lot of things focusing on the same idea of being a light and example.  It started with President Thomas S. Monson's talk from this past General Conference 'Be an Example and a Light'  He says, We cannot afford to neglect these things ( prayer, scripture study, church attendance), for the adversary and his hosts are relentlessly seeking for chink in our armor, lapse in our faithfulness. Said the Lord, “Search diligently, pray always, and be believing, and all things shall work together for your good.”

I know that we cannot risk straying from the good things we know we should be doing.  In his talk he mentions the phrase 'we will stand out' and 'we will be different' nearly 7 times! The prophet said that.  It made me think if they were to take a random 19 year old girl and compare my way of living, habits, and desires would they find a difference?  The prophet clearly wants us to get from this most recent talk BE DIFFERENT.  

I read about the Stripling Warriors in Alma 56-57 about these youth who had their heart set on their families, their beliefs, and God.  It's what makes us different and what makes us strong.  The fight is not easy.  May we not be discouraged.  Helaman's army of sons fought most desperately, firmly and undaunted.  Obeying and observing every command with exactness.

Do we suppose the Lord will deliver me as I sit on a 'throne' and not make use of the means and commandments which he has proved me? (Alma 61)  I love the phrase Moroni then uses in Alma 61:24 'begin to be up and doing'  

When we work to be up and doing people in good causes we bring the light into the world.  We will be different and Satan will not have the power to close the gates of Heaven.  

I love one of the closing paragraphs of President Monson's talk:

"To each of you, say that you are son or daughter of our Heavenly Father. You have come from His presence to live on this earth for season, to reflect the Savior’s love and teachings, and to bravely let your light shine for all to seeWhen that season on earth has ended, if you have done your part, yours will be the glorious blessing of returning to live with Him forever."

May we strive to be those examples.  I Invite all of you to think about in what ways you can change your ways to be an example.  I look back and know I have plenty.  What are you going to do to be what the prophet asks, different?  I know that the promise is real.  We will live with him forever.  

Moses said it best (Moses 1:18)  will not cease to call upon God, have other things to inquire of him

Love you all, I know this is his church and that Jesus Christ himself is at the head of it.  May we feel cherished in his caring arms.  

Hermana Waters

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