Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week 18

Donde esta Enero?  Yo no se...

And adios to January because it's February!  The 18th is my mother's birthday so if you know her,  tell her happy birthday for me! It's her 26th so don't mess it up ok??  

This week we made a bathroom break at a McDonald's after being on the street talking and knocking on a couple former investigator's doors.  Oh and I thought I might as well pick up a McFlurry too :) We go in to the bathroom and walk out. And a miracle happened.  Socorro (one of our investigators) was sitting at the table right next to the bathrooms and I yell, "SOCORROOOOO?!?!"  Hermana Carpenter looks and we run over.  Then this man at the table behind her starts waving his hand up in the air and hurrying out of his seat to come talk to us.  This man begins to tell us that he was a member and had the priesthood a long time ago.  He tells us he had fallen away but wants to become part of the church again because his life is a mess.  He insisted we send missionaries to his home in Ceres.  He explained his whole story and was thrilled to see LDS Missionaries.  He bought us cookies and gave us his information.  Crazy.  We thenhad a lesson with Socorro right in McDonalds as we all enjoyed the cookies Edgar (the man) had gotten us.  I couldn't believe it.  We really were in the right spot at the right time.  

As I reflect on this week, our first week of being full complete time missionaries without taking extra time to study or Sister Training leader responsibilities.  It was full of miracles I cannot even begin to list.  This week I've really recognized how lucky and grateful I am to be here right now.  I have also recognized that I want to be here right now too. 
With that Gratitude I evaluated my actions to make sure that not only were my actions in line with that feeling but were my inner most desires present upon action.  What.  I don't think that made sense.  Sure I wanted to be here but was that desire fueling me through my actions or were my actions fueled off of just having it be my responsibility as a missionary?
Along with that there is a article in February's Ensign called, 'The New Testament's Message of Repentance' (link below) written by Larry Y. Wilson that is fantastic.  He says
'With the Savior’s earthly ministry came different focus. He fulfilled the law of Moses and taught the higher law, which emphasized the inner attitudes:the condition of one’s heart and the motivations and desires that lead to all outward actions' 
I thought about my gospel living.  Is the Savior pleased with my way of gospel living? Is it desire or routine?  I had fallen into the trap of being a routine missionary.  The carnal law is that that only covers action, ensuring we are doing every action exactly.  In the Old Testament, there are 613 commandments that only cover the outward appearance of obedience.  This cannot be what God wanted.  He wants our heart and soul to be committed.  When Jesus Christ came, the focus changed to exactly what God wanted.  The ways of living he asks of us are not only just to be lived but to be a desire of ours.  Actions with Meaning.  
Think about it like a card.  A card is nothing if you don't write in it your desires, motivations, or your heart for why you're sending it to the person.  Now what you subtract all the writing within the card, leaving it blank and then sending it because 'hey you sent a card'? It would have little significance to the person receiving it.  It would have been better to not even send a blank card.  That is how God views his commandments. 
How could only our actions take us back to heaven?  Our heart and mind would not be prepared and who are we kidding, we wouldn't want to live the life expected in Heaven anyways.  Don't let the ways of obedience become only a habit or routine.  If you don't know why you do something pertaining to the gospel or feel like you lack the desire, ask.  The gospel raises the bar, making real, fundamental changes inside ourselves.  
I promise that as we fuel our actions with desire life will become more enjoyable.  There will be greater satisfaction with what we have and where we are going.  We will be satisfied knowing that Eternal life in God's presence really is what we want and what we qualify for.

I love you.  I pray for you at home.  Seek the desire to be a Saint.

Hermana Waters

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