Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 17 - Modesto

Warpenter is a go! We got our transfer call last night from President Palmer.  I am staying here with Hermana Carpenter in Modesto! She's no longer a Sister Trainer so we will really be able to focus on our area.  I'm so excited.  This week I hit my 4 month mark! Time is flying and it makes me really sad.  I found out Rocio (from Turlock) got baptized this past Saturday! I am so happy for her and this great new step.
This week I studied a lot about our weaknesses.  On the mission, my weakness have begun to be revealed to me more and more.  It was something I was not expecting, nor was I way thrilled about at the beginning of my mission.  I was embarrassed and wanted to pretend that they just were not there.  This past transfer as I reflect back on what I learned, my mind is brought back to the doctrine of weaknesses.  It is part of God's plan.  He says that over and over again.  He consistently invites us to him.  But for what? 

Ether 12:
27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness

How wonderful is this plan that he has for us?  That we may take all that we lack to him.  Lay it out.  Recognize your weaknesses and honestly take it to the Lord.

 I give unto men weakness
​ ​
that they may be humble;and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.
How amazing it is that God has a plan to become perfect like him.  He knows that through this process of humility and faith, we will see changes.  Strength.  It's a process of letting go the things that lag you down.  I'm not sure why at times it seems so hard to let go of but I know that It's so loving.

We know our weaknesses because he loves us.  If we didn't know them, where would we improve? What would be the purpose of this life?  I thought a lot about purposes and what that means.  A purpose is always made through counselling (Proverbs 20:18) We were with God in the heavens and we all agreed this was what was best.  For us to be able to recognize the weaknesses placed upon us and then change them, that's our purpose. What is the purpose of this time here without weaknesses, no where to improve? It's a good question and I can't imagine how boring and wasteful our time would be.

I have grown to love my weaknesses.   I have grown to recognize that it's because of these things that I have the opportunity to use the atonement to the fullest.  The GREATEST gift given to man.  I know that it's difficult to confront.  No natural man wants to focus on the bad or what they lack.  I know it's God's way to face it and trust him with them.  

I love you all.  You are in my prayers.  

I invite you this week to take a weakness to the Lord.  Recognize it and seek help from friends and family.  I know as you do this that weakness will lead you on a path to Jesus Christ as well to Heaven our eternal home.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Hermana Waters

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  1. I remember going through these experiences of discovering and facing my weaknesses while I was serving my mission. Facing them while you are in the tender care of our Heavenly Father, serving with all you heart, I can tell you that those particular weakness have truly become my strengths throughout the rest of my life. Somehow while having the faith of a missionary, you pass through that refining process more rapidly. It's such a blessing. He blesses the process with a quickening. I love hearing about your mission and brings back so many fond memories. So proud of you and glad that you a loving it. My greatest advice will always be to just love the people! Love to you, Cheryl Clyde