Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week 49 - Ceres, Hughson

Hello my loved ones.  I feel like I don't tell any of you how much I really do love you.  But here I am saying, I LOVE YOU.​  Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's talk this past conference reminded me of the importance of telling those you love that you love them because as I read his talk, I felt special.  I am studying the talks given in April General Conference in preparation for the upcoming conference.  I love our living apostles and prophet! Here is the opening of Elder Holland's talk, 'Tomorrow the Lord Will Do Wonders among You':

 Brothers and sisters, do you have any idea—do you have any notion or inkling whatsoever—of how much we love you? For 10 hours you watch,fixed on one face at this pulpit sequentially, but for those same 10 hours, we seated behind this pulpit watch, fixed on you. You thrill us to the center of our soul, whether that be the 21,000 here in the Conference Center, or multitudes in meetinghouses and chapels, or finally millions in homes around the globe, perhaps huddled around a family computer screen. Here you are, there you are, hour after hour, in your Sunday best, being your best. You sing and you pray. You listen and you believe. You are the miracle of this Church. And we love you. 

He talks about how in the gospel, we get credit for trying rather than succeeding. The Lord blesses those who want to improve, if you stumble in that pursuit, so does everyone. We are going to be blessed by our desire to do good.

Go read it and check it out! It's a gem,

Miracle: this week as we were biking along I noticed this older man Jesus sitting outside.  We had spoken with him before in the past and it had been 3 weeks since that time.  The thought TALK TO EVERYONE came into my head as I was just going to bike by since he didn't seem to care for us too much in the past.  It had been 3 weeks so the least we could do is go see if he'd picked up that Libro de Mormon that we had given him a while back from his shelf or see if there was anything we could do for him.  After getting off our bikes, as we were walking up to him, I noticed he was reading.  Upon closer inspection, he was sitting there reading that Libro de Mormon that we had left with him and invited him to read 3 weeks ago! He asks us why we hadn't come by to teach him more for a while after showing us that he is in 2 Nephi 27!  WHAT IN THE WORLD?!? it clearly was not of the world his thought to read it.  I was amazed as he recounted to us what he was learning little by little.  My heart was touched and I recalled once again that God's hand is in all of this.  We read 2 Nephi 27 together.  The gospel brings me joy and happiness.  I think if the gospel doesn't bring you happiness, you aren't doing it right. I know as we focus in on the teachings of Jesus Christ and choose to live them, we will find more peace in this life.  The things that worry our mind will become settled.
I have to share with you all a story that my mission president, President Palmer shared with us, 
"Fifteen years ago on September 11, 2001, a close friend of mine had arisen early in the morning as he typically did and was preparing for work at the World Trade Center in New York City where he managed a large office for an international bank. As he finished dressing, he felt a small but distinct impression that he should stay home that day to surprise and spend time with his wife to celebrate her birthday. Contrary to his customary behavior, he followed that feeling and promptly sent a notice to the office indicating he would not be arriving that day. As expected, his wife was rather amazed when she awoke and found him still at home; however, while they were relaxing together later that day, the shocking and horrific news of the terrorist attack that caused the destruction of the office tower where he worked created an immediate, immense, and intense feeling of sorrow for his co-workers and friends who had lost their lives.

Interestingly, it wasn’t until after he had tried to reach each staff member’s family affected by this devastating event that he and his wife took a moment to quietly reflect on what had happened. It was then that they finally realized the miraculous impact of his simple yet obedient response to a gentle impression suggesting that he take an unplanned day off. Literally, his decision to remain at home and spend a few extra hours with his wife saved his life. As he shared the details of his experience with me, it became evident that he had initially dismissed the thought and was about to go to work when the feeling came again. Fortunately for him and for his family, he ultimately followed the prompting and while many of our mutual friends continue to describe this occurrence as coincidence, fate, or luck, you and I and my friend know better."

I know that God loves us, I know he will lead us.

Love you all,

Hermana Waters

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