Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week 47 - Ceres, Hughson

I am staying here with Hermana Trejo!  We have been having some really amazing companion studies and we have goals to eat healthier and running in the morning, every morning.  Our clothes are a getting a little tight.  ​We are looking forward to finding, teaching and baptizing!

More than anything I just want to bear my testimony.  

I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ was lost for a time after the death of Jesus Christ. I know he was rejected as well as his apostles.  I know that Heavenly Father loves us perfectly that he has established a perfect plan.  His will is that we have joy.  That we have the best experiences possible here. No it's not what the world encourages us to be nor how the world teaches us to live.  I have to say that I know my Heavenly Father watches over you.  I know that our experiences here are to help us be perfected.  I know that repentance is necessary.  It is the change that makes us worthy to return to live in his presence and is a blessing. I know that as we focus more on the Savior and less on ourselves we find more joy. We find peace in this life.  The promise that God gives us is that we will find peace in this life and eternal joy in the life to come.  In a world full of sadness and chaos we need a little peace.  I know that we aren't perfect but that that is part of the plan. I know as we come to know the father's will we will grow a love for ourselves and others.  The gospel is the good news.  We aren't hear to force anyone nor tell anyone they are wrong but to seek Heavenly Father for themselves and learn.  I hope we strive to work together as the great big family we are in returning to our loving father's presence.  I know these things to be true.

Les quiero mucho y a mi familia les amo mucchisimo.  

que dios les cuida y les protege

Hermana Waters

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