Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Saturday, October 3, 2015


I am still loving it.  Monday was a hard day this week-really emotional and lots of doubt but now it's all good.  My companion is Hermana Jessica Parkinson, I connected with her through social media because she's also going to the Modesto, CA mission.  I love her.  She is 4'11" and is tiny like McCall Mecham.  We get along so well there hasn't been any issues...shocking but I know God is helping me.

Hardest thing is the packed schedule.  There are lots of demands and I'm still figuring out how to balance everything. I've learned that I'm well at being on time.  I also learned that I'm not as productive due to my lack of time management, planning my time, and setting goals.  I think the idea of goals has freaked me out so much that I avoid it...

Sleeping at night is easy after you're awake for 16+ hours each day with a crazy schedule.  Elder Zach Felis is in my district and he's a hoot.  Our class room smells interesting because of that.  I've gotten lots of Dear Elders from you, grandma, Zoe and Lily and i love it so much! Thanks for doing that daily, it makes my day.  I miss you so much but I know this is where I'm supposed to be.  
Pdays are weird... It's a lot less demanding and we have more free time to write and work out.  Today is our pday but due to general conference it will not be like a Pday at all.  We will be watching the Women's conference today while the elders watch the priesthood session.  We haven't seen it yet so thanks for giving me spoilers! jk. 

I cannot read emojis :( but está bien. eso si que es. It is what it is.  Also nice try but it´s Hermana Aguas not Hermana Aquas....... lol  Love you still.  We are locked on campus pretty much with the exception of our Sunday walk to the temple in the afternoon, so we watch it in one of our buildings here.

We committed one of our 'investigators' to baptism so that was cool.  The spirit is real and truly testifies that Jesus is the Savior.  We do none of the teaching thank heavens since Spanish is muy dificil para mi.  I now only say prayers in Spanish and only testify in spanish.  I love spanish so much.  It's frustrating sometimes not being able to say what you want to say but very cool when you can. 

4 of the 6 districts in my Spanish zone are leaving us this upcoming monday so it's sad.  They've been so friendly and loving to us.  I am hosting new missionaries next week so I'll be welcoming in hopefully some of the new Elders and Hermanas that will be in one of teh 4 new districts coming this wednesday. 

I hope your questions get answered today at conference.  Come prepared to learn and with an open heart-God will reveal answers to you through our prophets.  

Our investigator Marta surprised us by walking in and saying she was our teacher... oh my gosh we were like whatttttt.  It's all good though even if she does speak really fast spanish.  They only speak to us in spanish so that's been a struggle.  Hermano Clark noticed me and my companion were having a rough day Monday and so he took me and Hermana Parkinson on a walk and we just talked.  It was nice to talk things out and figure out a plan of how to relieve stress.  I've just had so much of it lately.

Theres a joke that the MTC is God's rehab for his children.  It really is shaping me and making me humble myself to recognize that Jesus is who I need to focus on.  Not anything else.  
I've started reading the BoM again and wow.  my scriptures are marked up.  There is a special spirit here that is always present allowing revelation to constantly be coming if you just ask for that.  I know the power of prayer is real.  I can tell a difference in my studies when I pray and when I don't pray.

The devotionals on Sunday and Tuesday nights are the best.  The general authorities are called of God and are to aid us.

A blessing happened this week.  We were planning a lesson for our new investigator Ivette in the teaching lab and we were walking outside, when a lady approached us and we started to teach her in Spanish (investigators have gold badges so that's how we recognize them on campus) and we come to find out she is Ivette who we were going to teach in an hour.  Well we gave her a full lesson in the stairwell and then an hour later surprised her at the teaching lab and was like, HOOOLLLLA nosotros estamos su misioneras lolll.  she was laughing.  she was so sweet and God knew we were so nervous that he gave us the chance to talk to her before and recognize she was kind before having to go in and teach her. 

Did you watch Elder Scott's funeral Monday? It was so good!

We've been teaching nearly everyday in spanish and I love it.  

Love this gospel, Love you,


Hermana Waters

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