Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Sunday, October 11, 2015


This is me and my companion Hermana Parkinson teaching grumpy cat the gospel.  He was a difficult investigator but he committed to be baptized.  :)

Okay lets first talk about how unreal General Conference was! So many talks were about the plain and simple truths of the gospel as well as complete consecration to God. It was sad to see Thomas S Monson near the end of his talk not doing so good but maybe it's a message from God reminding us, "Do we recognize what I have? Do we know that God loves us so much he gave us a Prophet' someone who would act and say the things Christ would? It's such a blessing and who knows how long President Monson will be here with us.  3 new apostles all are great speakers.  Throughly enjoyed this conference hope you did too.

Out of our 6 zones, 4 of them left Monday.  It was so sad but I know they are doing God's work.  

This week funny story, I was teaching an investigator with my companion, and the spirit was so strong.  I were saying goodbye and I was trying to say, 'Until Thursday' since that would be our next lesson with this investigator which is , 'Hasta Jueves' but I said, 'Hasta Juevos' meaning 'until eggs' so you could say the language is coming along nicely...
I have the missionary purpose, the invitation to be baptized, and the first vision memorized in spanish now so that's cool.  Language is coming slowly but surely.  I can't wait to feel confident in it. Language study is my favorite.  I bought a flashcard set of mormon words that has over 1500 words... it's crazy but i've continually been reviewing those.

My companionship took on a new Hermana.  Hermana Seamons' companion left for the Dominican Republic MTC since her visa came so Hermana Seamons joined the squad.  She's awesome but the day her companion left, she tore a ligament in her foot while playing volleyball.  She's quite the rebel because she's supposed to be in a brace for 6 weeks and crutches for 2 weeks but she's refused the crutches completely, and rarely wears the brace. so yeah.  Not to mention we hosted the new missionaries this wednesday which was FANTASTIC and she did that too?! like carried all the luggage around campus.  She's an animal.  I would not have done it but she insists. 
Tender moment, I saw a girl I worked with Haley Kalt as I was hosting due to her dropping off her brother at the MTC.  She ran up to me and gave me a hug so that was cool.  

Story- we were teaching my teacher who was playing the role of one of his investigators that he actually taught and we taught him how to pray near the end. Well, I came on a little strong and bold because I'd asked him to pray for us a couple of times and he said he didn't know how and he didn't know what for.  I explained to him and asked again and he said uhhhhh. I then said, "orará ahora para nosotros?' meaning will you pray right now for us? he said uhhh i don't know.  I then said, in spanish obviously, 'you have so much to be grateful for.  thank God for your girlfriend, your job, you home. and ask for an answer to your questions like if this is the truth we are teaching you.' I recognized i might have been a little too bold but after that I asked him again and he prayed.  So you could say I'm studying Patience in Christlike Attributes.
My companionship are the Sister Training leaders of our Zone and we love it! We are responsible for making sure the girls are all okay and are supervised by the branch president.  The new hermanas that came in this week are so sweet and we are so lucky to have them.  I wish i could thank all of their moms.  We got 4 new districts this Wednesday, so it's been slightly chaotic getting everyone in the swing of things but they're all awesome.

We taught members who come volunteer obviously in spanish since we never teach in english this past thursday.  One of the ladies that we taught was so sweet.  She was like a grandma and shared a powerful testimony.  The spirit was there.  Later the Training Resource Center TRC coordinator came back and wanted to tell me and my companions, Hermana Seamons and Hermana Parkinson that this lady had been considering not coming back to volunteer for unknown reasons but he said after my companionship's lesson as well as 2 other elders, she was really emotional and wants to continue coming back.  I'm glad the lesson went good enough that she will continue coming back.

I have gained such a strong testimony of the book of mormon.  I invite you all to start reading it again if you aren't already.  In my district we often write down a bunch of questions on the board and pick a random chapter in the book of mormon to read as a group.  Literally every question gets answered in some way through just reading.  The book of mormon is the purest and plainest book there is.  There is no question as to what is right and what is wrong.  It tells you how you can receive certain blessings and how to draw close to him.  Power of prayer is real.  It makes all the difference to pray before studying and lessons and every meal.  I hope you are all praying for it's the key to conversion.  If prayer is not happening, you will not know there is a God that loves you and life gets so hard. Remember your father wants to hear from you and recognize the importance of that sacred relationship.  He knows all.   

Thanks for all the sweet letters as well as packages, Love you all. xoxo
Hermana Waters

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