Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Monday, October 19, 2015


This week was the most difficult one yet. My district has recently struggled to keep on task and that can be frustrating but I've figured out the best way to get things done is to just keep the door open to the classroom, go in the hall with a desk, so that my Hermanas can see me still and it's a little more quiet.  

I think my teacher Hermano Christian Clark is the best person ever.  Everytime he teaches us whether it's a spanish lesson or spiritual one, the Holy Ghost is there.  Hermana Hope Thomas is a hoot because her laugh just makes you laugh.  She is more difficult to understand sometimes but I know she loves us so much she only speaks spanish.  never english....

My companions and I had a really cool experience in teaching an Investigator Benjamin this week. We felt like we should share the first vision with him and so Hermana Parkinson did it all memorized in spanish, and the few phrases of the first vision by Joseph Smith drew in the spirit.  It's the most powerful thing because that is why I am here right now.  For God and Jesus Christ appeared unto a man.  It's a beautiful thing because now people need to know that God is still here.  Jesus Christ still knows how to succor us.  One scripture that I have kept pondering this week is Malachi 3:3, the first line, "And he shall sit as a refiner."  Why is that so cool? Because after learning about a refiner, he sits there because if he leaves the silver or gold in the fire just a few seconds too long, all of his hard work would become a waste.  So how does the refiner know when to take it out?  When he can see his reflection.  Just like that. Jesus Christ is just sitting waiting for us to become like him, so if anything goes wrong, he's not too far away.  It's comforting knowing he's not far.  He's watching us mold and shape into him and once we are like him we will be taken out of the fire.  Remember that.

I love seeing all the pictures of you guys.  You girls are beauties.  We are all in awww over how beautiful you all are.  Yep, that's my family.

Elder Zach Felis has a scripture case that looks like a lunch box.  It is so funny because all the elders tease him for it.  Well it was funny because Elder Felis isn't a hardcore studier so when he finally was leaving to go study, Elder Carter Olsen says, 'hey Elder Felis, feast on the word of God'  we all were laughing and Elder Felis is so easy going that it wasn't a big deal...

Funny Story- so at Foundations of Leadership camp for the BYU freshman, I met Tyler Mansfield.  Well he's at the MTC and one time, I was walking back to the residence from the Devotional and I felt something like tickling my elbow and I didn't know who it was.  Then I turn around as someone is grabbing my elbow and I just see Elder Mansfield going in for a hug with an arm reached out almost touching me.  I was like, 'wooooooooooah Elder' He didn't realize what he was doing and his face instantly went red.  He said,'oh my gosh I'm sooo sorry'  He felt so bad.  I could not believe that had just happened.  We were all laughing-my companions, his companions.  The relationship here between Elders and Hermanas is so weird and it seems strange to think of more than a handshake.  lol

Cool inspirational thought- we watched a devo given by Elder Holland a couple of years ago about Opening your mouth.  The adversary cannot take your life.  But the next most limiting thing, short of taking a life, is binding our tongues.  That's what he did to Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove.  Don't let him do that to you.  The devil could basically take a life by you not sharing the gospel.  If that's not serious, I don't know what is.

I have a promise for you guys.  Think of a question about anything.  Write it down.  Read ANY did I say any? yes ANY chapter in the Book of Mormon and I promise that your question will be answered if you look and pray with sincere intent.  I've done it nearly 10 different times here and everytime without fail, God answers me.  Love it.  Truest book there is guys.  Drop whatever book you're reading and pick up the Book of Mormon.

Funny story-one of the wives of our Branch Presidency, Hermana Cannon, had surgery on her foot recently.  An elder in my district asked what happened and she said, 'i got in a pole dancing accident'  we all were shocked by her response like is that even ok? we didn't know if we should laugh or pretend she didn't just say that.  I love that lady.  They are like our temporary moms while we are here.

I have been thinking a lot about my district and how frustrated I get with the little distractions and times unfocused.  In verse 5 of Alma 21 say s, 'Behold are not this people as good as thy people?  We aren't doing all we can do studying and getting down to business, for in the 6th verse, "How knowest thou that we are not a righteous people? Behold, we have built sanctuaries, and we do assemble ourselves together to worship God." That is true of us.  We are here gathered together, on a mission, in a classroom but are we really consecrated to the work? In verse 22 it says we have the choice to worship God according to their desires, in whatsoever place they were in.  And it might not be perfect, the way God wants, but recognize God has covered all our imperfections.  How can I think about all the faults in my district when my faults are abundant and taken care of?  I love the closing verse, 23, because it sums it up saying, "and it came to pass that he did teach them all things concerning things pertaining to righteousness.  And he did exhort them daily, with all diligence.'

Funny story- Elder Ainge who recently left (a kid from boston) wanted me and the hermanas to mark up his scripture for him because he said he is too sick and tired, and that he as a headache. He was like' I'll pay you and I'm just marking it according to Preach my Gospel.'  Heck no we weren't doing that.

So awkward story-  I was teaching the first vision and was going to have the investigator read JSH 1:16-17 but instead pulled up Moses 1:16-17 because I was so stressed.  and I had not noticed since ti was in spanish. She read it and said, 'who is talking?' I was like Joseph Smith.  It was not until then that I realized i had her read the wrong chapter.  I later look it up in English and it said, 'Get thee hence Satan." and I'd just described to her that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus.Sooo bad..
Funny story- so all the Hermanas were eating together at dinner when Hermana Kacie Pierce says, "I had a best friend at home who I'd makeout with.'  she practically yelled ti. I could've sworn the whole cafeteria heard it.  The boys in our zone alll turned around to face us.  We busted out laughing.

Funny story- my hermana was in her g's ironing a shirt when all of the sudden, girls start yelling 'man in the building' she is trapped in the corner of the hallway and throws her shirt up to cover herself and run back to the room.  They usually announce when a male is in the building over the intercom so of course the one day they don't one of us is out in the halls...

Miracles happen everyday I hope you guys recognize that.  I know God loves you.  I know God appeared to Joseph Smith and wants to help us. 

Les Amo,
Hermana Waters

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