Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Okay apparently it's Halloween, like what?

This week was really exciting and tender and sad all at the same time.  Lots of lasts. Tonight is the last night of our time with our teacher Hermano Christian Clark and we already had our last lesson with Hermana Hope Thomas.  They have definitely aided me along this challenging yet great journey.
Neil L. Anderson gave a devotional here just on Tuesday and the spirit was so strong from the moment he walked in the door.  I go to the MTC choir and we sang More Holiness Give Me before that devotional and know that Heavenly Father loves us so much.  At one point that night he said, 'The Savior never receives a sacrifice in which he does not return a thousand times.  He just doesn't.  Give it to him.  The Lord never has us in his debt." and that a sacrifice is something that is what you normally wouldn't give up but for the Lord you will.  Make sure you're sacrifice is acceptable for the Lord.  Are we really giving this life all we can, making the most out of our time?  I know I haven't been doing all so it really got me thinking.  I decided to create a list called 'Hermana Abigail Waters' Alter of Sacrifice'.  On it, I've chosen things that I have not quite let go of yet and need to, in order to move on and grow from this experience.  I know I haven't left all that I could've at home so this list has been a constant reminder for me.  It aids me in every decision because if it's on that list-ex. my ungrateful heart-it's done and I've given it up.  I love it.  It has become the greatest strength.  Recognize what you are giving up and what you need to so you can become closer to Heavenly Father.

I got released as Sister Training Leader this week which was sad but it probably was a good thing because troubles arose and no longer was it on our shoulders.  So it was nice having somebody else make sure all the companionships are doing well.

I had my last gym time and nearly sobbed because that means that no more four square as a zone.  I had gotten good too.  Who would've thought four square was my thing but I love it.
I have ran into many missionaries heading to Modesto (but english speaking) so it's exciting to think we will all be headed out together to hit the ground running in Modesto.

Last lesson with Benjamin and it was incredible.  I feel like my teaching skills have skyrocketed here and feel so grateful to have been. here.

I saw Elder Taylor Kofford the other day as he came into the lunch room so I jumped out of my seat and ran over.   Mis companeras knew that I had been looking for him so we were all excited.  He looked so happy to be a missionary.  It definitely was nice to see a good friend here too.
We had a member skype appointment with a man named Eduardo Rico who lives in San Jose California.  He is 25 and him and his brothers are the only members in his family.  It was cool to talk with him.  He shared a lot about his family and the struggles.  I shared the DC 100:1,2 scripture about families being in the hands of God.  He was so awesome he said, 'Can I share a scripture with you?'  We were excited.  He said DC 31:5-6 He asked a question and I didn't quite catch it so once we were all looking at those verses, I asked who he wanted to read.  he said, 'you' and pointed at me through the camera.  I was like ok! So he had asked me and I didn't recognize it but it's definitely a spiritual lesson I hope to never forget.

In a lesson, we got asked a challenging question about why nearly everyone will be in one of the 3 kingdoms since her son was in Pakistan and fighting in war getting hurt by them.  It's a hard question to answer in english let alone spanish.  I left that feeling frustrated and not satisfied with the answer I could give back.  

Infield Orientation was yesterday. 8am-5:30pm of straight lessons which was crazy but so beneficial.  They taught us how to use the ward in missionary work.  Members are essential.  It seems when the members get involved, work is just pedal to the metal.  I learned about how I should be a missionary worthy of referrals.  That if I want members to suggest friends and family to receive a visit from the missionaries, I need to act like the type of missionary that members know I wake up at 6:30, that know I follow every rule with exact obedience, and one that they know is here to serve. I want to work my tail off and be really close with the ward.  It's important to me. I hope it's important to my companion.  I cannot wait to meet the spanish people of Modesto, and my mission president, and his wife, and life is good.

God loves you.  He's real.  I invite you to create your own Alter of Sacrifice and think about what God wants you to give up and what you already are giving up for him.  You'll love it. I promise that you will enable Jesus Christ to be a bigger part of your life and you will see improvement.  

Love you all,
Until Modesto,

Hermana Abigail Waters
D&C 31:5-6

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