Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Modesto - Week 31


I hope you all took time to appreciate and serve your mom.  

I had another bike accident.  We think our bikes are possessed. This time it was scary. I found myself in the middle of the road and my face up against the asphalt. Thank heavens for a helmet.  

We have been focusing a lot of our efforts in downtown in the humbler parts.  I love seeing the miracle of the gospel in these people's lives and want to share it with everyone.

This morning I was studying Helaman 15:3 which says  "Yea, wo unto this people who are called the people of Nephi except they shall repent, when they shall see all these signs and wonders which shall be showed unto them; for behold, they have been chosen people of the Lord; yea, the people of Nephi hath he loved, and alsohath he chastened them; yea, in the days of their iniquities hath he chastened them because he loveth them."
I don't think we recognize the full extent of Love and what it really is.  It's through love that we learn.  I thought about how we are in training.  He is in charge of all the consequences.  I drew a little picture I don't know if you can see it but I love that we have the comfort of knowing God is in charge of the consequences and the blessings.  The only thing we have control over is if we want to be blessed or consequenced (for further training).  We are promised that even the results are from God and that they are good for us.  All good comes from God.  I have learned to appreciate more and more the consequences.  Change your view from that one of anger at God or at thyself.  See it as an opportunity to be trained and experience the things God needs you to experience.  It has changed how I see my time here.  It's part of shaping me into what God wants me to be.  I invite you all to look at your own lives and ask what God wants and needs you to learn right now.  Will you do that? I promise as you do the burdens or troubles will become lighter and seen more as blessings.  

I love you. I pray for you. I hope all is well 
Hermana Waters

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