Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Modesto - Week 32

This week I started off with a new bike- Katy Perry.  Snoop Dogg died.  Katy is a lot better and the seat even has shocks so comfy riding is definitely a new pleasure of mine. No complaints from me about biking.  
Crazy story-we went on exchanges and I stayed with Hermana Alcaraz and Hermana Zapata went to Turlock with Hermana Robison.  Hermana Zapata had put her bike on their car rack and had gone to a lesson. She forgot to bring her key to the big U lock so she used the one on the bike rack to seal it as they went into a lesson. When she came out, the cord was cut and her bike was gone.  Someone had stolen it.  Well they looked for it and couldn't find it but told all the members and missionaries in the area aobut it. Well one of the spanish members has a friend that is a bike thief and asked him if he'd seen her bike.  He said, 'well my friend got a new bike today' then he pointed to the porch of his friend with the bike on it and said 'that's his new bike'  The member recognized it from the description and her friend stole the bike back! This all happened just before our curfew (including our phone calls) so we were thrilled to get the news just minutes before we fell asleep.  It was missing the basket she'd just bought and the front and rear lights but still together!  miracles.

This past week we had a humbling experience of teaching a current investigator named Javier. He is 80 years old and currently assisting with the Jehovah Witnesses. He is not baptized because he hasn't felt right about it. We were talking with him about the Book of Mormon and he told us, 'when you come, I want to read from the Book of Mormon more.' We instantly reflected back on the past 2 lessons and realized that we used the Book of Mormon but not enough of what this man craved. We have started to use the Book of Mormon more and we can tell the difference. His prayers all of the sudden became more sincere. It was beautiful. He has great fellow shippers and we hope he just keeps continuing to grow. 

Today I was studying in when Jesus came to the Americas because that is where I am in my spanish Libro De Mormon, and I love how it says it in spanish best so here, 'toda la multitud se fijaron en el y no se atrevieron a abrir la boca ni siquiera el uno al otro'  When they saw Jesus coming down from heaven, there was no talking, no wandering eyes.  They were fixed on him. They were still.  I related this to how I act in the lessons and in church.  Are my eyes fixed on Jesus Christ-the scriptures, my prayers, and church teachings?   I know that often times I find my thoughts wandering or elsewhere.  We all do.  I invite you this week to 'fix' your eyes on him.  Whether it be in improving your church attendance or your attention when you are there.  Are you looking to grow closer to him.  I can promise that as we fix our eyes on Jesus Christ and forget the outside world we will find our lives happier.  We will realize that God loves us more than we can imagine and that our challenges are small.  Life was meant to not only be lived but to be enjoyed.  

Fix your eyes on the fixer of all.

Love you all.
Hermana Waters

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