Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Modesto - Week 33

WE ARE A WARD! I am so happy for Modesto 12. There is a great new bishop, Bishop Chavez! We have a meeting with him over his vision for the now ward this week. It was a full house Sunday, there were no open seats. It was also ward conference so we were able to hear from the Stake presidencies.  

This week we found 7 new investigators a couple, a young lady, a family, and a former who we are getting to know his wife who originally avoided the missionaries.

This week as a companionship we focused on teaching people, not lessons. As we seek to love them and really tune into what they are saying instead of just teaching from the pamphlet or the lesson points, we have noticed that they progress faster and are more receptive.  

I have been struggling getting out of bed at 6:30. I am getting frustrated and feeling really bad and the shame. We now have a plan that we have more than 1 alarm going off as well as moving the alarms farther from our beds. I want to be obedient and know that it is just me being lazy, and I know how God feels about laziness after studying the scriptures.  
The general conference talk-Family Councils by Elder M. Russell Ballard is something I've studied as I have thought about some of the families her that we work with-investigators and members. He says, 'Family councils have always been needed. They are, in fact, eternal. We belonged to family council in the premortal existence, when we lived with our heavenly parents as their spirit children. A family council, when conducted with love and with Christlike attributes, will counter the impact of modern technology that often distracts us from spending quality time with each other and also tends to bring evil right into our homes.' He continues...
"A family council that is patterned after the councils in heaven, filled with Christlike love, and guided by the Lord’s Spirit will help us to protect our family from distractions that can steal our precious time together and protect us from the evils of the world. Combined with prayer, family council will invite the presence of the Savior, as He promised: “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am in the midst of them.”4 Inviting the Spirit of the Lord to be part of your family council brings blessings beyond description.  Finally, please remember that family council held regularly will help us spot family problems early and nip them in the bud; councils will give each family member feeling of worth and importance; and most of all they will assist us to be more successful and happy in our precious relationships, within the walls of our homes. May our Heavenly Father bless all of our families as we counsel together is my humble prayer in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen."
I know as we seek the Lord's guidance in our relationships and especially in the family that Satan will be blocked out.  As we work to unify our relationships with our loved ones we will recognize the strength the Lord Gives us.  I love you all.  I know this work is the Lord's work and that we have eternities ahead of us. 
que tengan una semana buena!

Love you,
Hermana Waters

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