Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 38 - Ceres, Hughson


It has been a hot one here lately.  But I hope you are all enjoying your summer vacation like those are here.
I came down with some kind of stomach bug 4 days ago and I haven't been feeling as hot as I wish but hey, I'm still breathing.
This week we did lots of walking since it's way too hot to be biking which has been great way to contact people.  We had a really cool experience even just today as we were washing our clothes at the laundry mat, when casually an investigator we have been struggling to contact walked by.  I book it outside yelling 'CLAAAAUUUUDIA!!! como estaaa???' We were able to chat a bit with her and see how she was doing.  We got an appointment to see her Wednesday.  Her family is really cute but all SUPER shy.  
Then as we finished talking with Claudia, we started walking back inside the laundry mat when on the other side of the street we see an investigator that we haven't been able to contact too! I run out and yell the same thing but only 'IIIIRRRRMMMMMA'  Isn't that crazy?? We were able to talk to both of them even though we had tried all this past week to find them home without success.  It must be a new week.  #hope
In small town Waterford there was an 18 year old boy killed in a car wreck and being a small town, everyone knew him.  The funeral services were this past week and many of our investigators as well as members attended.  We have found ourselves teaching a lot about the Plan of Salvation and sharing this simple but profound truth.  This doctrine is not only something that can bless them right now in their moment of loss but I find it interesting that while I am teaching it, a loved one of mine, Uncle Lloyd has been given less than 30 days to live in Utah. The privilege to teach this doctrine right now in this moment to these people isn't only applicable to them but to me individually.  How cool it is to be studying and teaching the same doctrines I am being blessed by in this moment to others.  We met the grandma of this 18 year old yesterday in the street.  Fransisca is her name.  How precious is our time here and how precious are we in the sight of God.  

I love the Lord and love the work.

I hope we can more apply the principles we teach to our loved ones and friends in our own personal lives.

Love you all,

xoxo Hermana Waters

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