Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Modesto - Week 34

Buenos tardes!

Wow where do I even start?
We have been getting up every day on time! Guess a change of alarm tone never does any damage. We both were really committed to that after talking about it. How simple it was when we decided to set our minds to it. Funny how that works. 
We will be blessed by a special visit from Elder David F. Evans of the First Quorum of the Seventy and his wife Mary on June 16th and 17th!!!
This week we struggled one morning this week. I felt tension between the two of us and so I mentioned it. It was frustrating because I felt like she wouldn't share how she was feeling or what was happening. She told me that the night before when we were daily planning she was using a makeup wipe at the same time, washing her face and I had asked her if it could wait until after. She got mad and didn't want to participate in the rest of the planning and the feelings had carried over that next morning. We came to the conclusion that I could've said it better and in a nicer way and that she could've accepted it better. The best thing about it was that we had a good talk about how much we both love each other and we know we both are trying. We grew closer through this experience.
We had a wonderful opportunity of finding a lady named Juana Patricia this week as we were walking the sidewalks. She was carrying a lot of groceries for the 70 year old woman she is and so we offered to help. She spoke Spanish, even though she appeared very fair. We took her groceries. She let us in, gave us something to eat and drink and pulled out a Book Of Mormon her friend had given her. She told us how she reads from it and how she has been to the congregation in Ceres with that same friend. She invited us back the next night to talk to her and her husband, Juan. We returned and taught the Restoration. IT was incredible. The spirit was really strong. The lesson seemed to be understood like never before-about the power being lost and restored and why this is so important. Her and her husband committed to read together every day and pray too about Joseph Smith as a prophet and the Book of Mormon. They both said that they are ready to be baptized when God tells them that these things are true. It was a huge blessing and miracle. Those were the 2 investigators we found this week and I am so happy for them. She really was placed in our path.
Me and Hermana Zapata spoke on Sunday on Tithing.  The bishop asked us to give 20 minute talks each.  So I had studied really hard.  I had it all written down and all my notes on this notebook.  We were all ready up on the podium (I play piano so I was playing the opening hymn) when I realized that this notebook was out in the foyer! I had accidently left it outside.  I was so nervous.  I literally got up there with nothing but my Book of Mormon and Bible.  but I survived! woohoooo.  
Oh and one quick last miracle...
La familia Rivera of 5 showed up at church this past week to sacrament.  They had been referred by a member to come to our congregation and are currently looking for a church.  They loved church and will be taught by the elders! We are excited.  The work is really pressing forward.

Keep up all the great things you are doing at home!

Love and miss you all!

Hermana Waters

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