Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Week 36 - Ceres Hughson

Buenos Dias!

Where do I even begin? This week was crazy.  Transfers were a party.  Hermana Pimentel is the best.  She is so loving and such a hard worker. 
Hughson is such a small town.  We cover Hughson, Hickman, and Waterford.  Really small.  The amazing thing is EVERY single person that we run into has not refused us from sharing something with them. It is amazing.  I love it.  It feels like such a small town so that was a huge switch up from Modesto.  There are cockroaches in our apartment-we like to think they are investigators coming in and begging to be baptized but little to they realize they are going to be baptized first by fire (the poison) and then baptized by water (flushed down the toilet). I'm in the process of communicating with President Palmer if they qualify as investigators... I will keep y'all posted.  
I'm pretty sure I am picking up a Texas accent since many of the missionaries here are from Texas but hey it's cool.

The lifestyle here is a lot different. I was amazed on Sunday to see that the youth of this branch are so strong-and how they actually combined the English youth with the Spanish youth so that the Spanish you could help strengthen the english youth.... I am so amazed. We have had many opportunities to invite new people out to come and accompany us to lessons with investigators. It's incredible how willing they are to help. They actually 'auctioned off' times when we had appointments in Relief Society to get all the Hermanas involved. It was impressive to see how many women just were ready to come out. The spirit of Missionary work is awesome!

I don't feel like I know too many of the people well enough yet but that will come with time!

oh and fun story: one day me and Hermana Pimentel were getting ready for bed and she decided to look out the window for some strange reason and you won't believe what she saw! 2 wild bunnies in our backyard!!! i screamed. and we ran out the door chasing them.  She said she held one of them before and so we did not give up.  Well they hid and it was soon time to go in for bed.  We have wild bunnies now that we 'attempt' to catch every night.  It reminded me of our bunnies.  oh and our neighbor is a recent convert named Crystal who makes us food often and keeps us in good care and company.

I'm getting my hair cut today so new photos next week.  I"ll send photos later this computer is having trouble uploading them!

Love you,
Hermana Abigail Waters

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