Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Week 35 - Last week in Modesto!!!

Got my transfer call to Ceres Hughson! I was told approximately 8000 citizens live there.  I'm thrilled to get Farmin' Hermana Waters on.  It will be a new adventure.  I've been here in Central Modesto for almost 7 months and I have enjoyed (almost) every minute :)  Hermana Zapata is leaving to Lodi with my MTC companion, Hermana Parkinson.  President really shook up things almost the whole mission is swapping up. They also are shutting down our apartment for missionaries because of the neighbors below at night swear and fight.  So not only are we leaving so is all the missionary supplies and food.  Yay for moving again (only a year after we moved).

Hermana Gilda Jimenez and Hermano Jimenez is taking me, Hermana Pratt, and Hermana Rodas down to the Turlock Zone (Ceres is in the Turlock zone).  We found out Elder Rivera will also be going down to Turlock zone but to Crowslanding.  He is having surgery today at 3:30 pm because he got Appendicitis.  JUST LIKE ELDER SMITH when I was in Turlock with him.  ELder Smith is his companion right now so such a coincidence.  I think God put Elder Smith experienced appendicitis so that he would know how to help Elder Rivera, his companion over come it. Pray for Elder Rivera. (brown elder in zone picture)

This week Patricia (a new investigator we found in the street) came to church and loved it.  We later returned and taught her and her husband that night.  We are happy to have found them!  The ward mission leader, Hermano Antonio Tirre got released this Sunday and that was sentimental because my first day in Modesto we had a meeting as missionaries.  It was his first meeting for his calling and so he's been with us through thick and thin. I was up playing the piano in Sacrament and of course right after the announcement was made it was the sacrament hymn and I was sobbing.  Man I'm going to miss the Tirre family.

It is getting hot but the work doesn't stop. I am amazed by all the tender mercies that the Lord puts in our path when we really do our best.  The idea of 'be your best' is so nice because it's not saying, 'be your perfect'.  Remember God doesn't expect us to be perfect nor does he expect us to always know what we are doing.  He asks for your best and take it.  He asks for your confidence.  
Take the opportunity to hand it over to him. 

I love you all, miss you lots.  xoxo

Hermana Waters

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