Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 39 - Ceres, Hughson

July has arrived and it's hot hot hot.  I've adjusted to the warm water, soaked armpits, and red skin.  The need to spread the gospel doesn't stop.  We are out on bikes and boy people look at us like we are crazy. Maybe we are. But I love it. 

We found a couple new investigators this week who have family members in Mexico that are members and that told us about how much they have seen the gospel change their lives. Just confirms the truth that we are seen and the changes, no matter how difficult, are recognized.

 I have to recount what a beautiful fast and testimony meeting we had yesterday.  Yesterday was a tender day since the day before my grandmother had a heart surgery on Saturday.  Something I was afraid of since I lost a little sister in the middle of a heart surgery.  Sunday, being left with the curiosity and anxiety of not knowing, I felt sad and nervous.  In hopes that I would find peace yesterday, it didn't start out too smoothly.  A less active member's friend we had been teaching had committed to meet us at the church (with the less active member) 1 hour before church to have a lesson.  We arrived on time and as time went by they didn't show up nor pick up their phones.  Every moment like that makes me a little more sad.  We went through church-all 3 new investigators that had committed to come didn't show up. As we were in the fast and testimony meeting, nearly 20 spanish youth had gotten up to bear their testimonies.  That was something I had never seen before.  The youth here in this Ceres branch are so strong.  I started to cry as I realized the gratitude I really have to be here and get to serve with these strong people. I realized leading up to that meeting I'd been feeling a desire to return home.  To do the work there.  As if the work here was value of nothing.  We had few progressing investigators and commitments weren't being kept.  Hermana Pimentel and I had a great conversation about how only God may know what good our work is doing, what will happen with all those we talk with, and the point all the hot days in the sun.  As I sat in the meeting though that true feeling of peace and gratitude swept over me.  As we sang the closing hymn 'Tengo gozo en mi Alma hoy' 'There is Sunshine in my Soul today' I couldn't help but sing it with my heart through the tears and worries.  It's true.  The rest of the day miracles happened every where we went. 

The first miracle was that at dinner yesterday with the Branch president and his wife, they mentioned that a bunny had showed up out of no where that morning and they had put it in their back yard.  I jump up out of my seat and run to the backyard.  Sure enough there in the shade a lop bunny laid.  I wrapped it up easily in my arms(it was very friendly and chill with me) and held it as I had with my bunnies at home.  It made me feel right at home as I refused to let go. Good memories rushed to my mind.  

The second miracle that happened was that at that dinner, Hermana Rojas had mentioned paletas she had for us (popsicles mexican style and they are better than our popsicles) so I was hoping and waiting she'd bring them out. She must of forgot and we left without.  I mention it to Hermana Pimentel about how I really wished we got a paleta since it sounded good.  Well the next door we knocked, a man named Roberto answered the door. A complete stranger, ok? and right before we started sharing a lesson with him outside (since there wasn't a woman in the house) an Ice cream pulled up right in front of his house and parked.  You all know what I was thinking... I wanted to run over and buy one but before I know it, Roberto asked us, 'Do you want a paleta?' We had just met him so of course out of courtesy we said, 'oh no, I'm good.' 'Well,' he said, 'is it okay if I go get some?' Of course! So we were sitting in the fold up chairs outside thinking about what Roberto needs right now when he walks back with a box full of ice creams.  He said,'I know you want some, which one do you want?' So lo and behold I received a paleta.  It may be stupid but I know that God really did hear my desires and send me a little something to feel loved.  We insisted on watering his plants before we left as some sort of service in return.  

I know my heavenly parents love me, just as I know my earthly parents do too.  It brings me a deep joy in my heart I cannot deny. 

​Love you all,
Hermana Waters

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