Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 42 - Ceres, Hughson

Buenos Dias mis queridos,

First off, my new companion Hermana Trejo is awesome! My fourth Mexican companion! ahh natives.  They are blessings.  Hermana Trejo is from Chihuahua Mexico.  We find ourselves humming to the Beverly Hills Chihuahua song 'ay chihuahuaaa' Hispanics in general say ay (sounds like I in english) a lot like oh is used in english and so when she says ay, I say chihuahua.  So 1st invitation, listen to that song for me and think of my Chihuahuense companion and I.

This week there was a stake activity at Zions Park that we were able to attend.  They had horses, canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, dancing, movies, oh and family history for those who weren't tempted to do any of the above. That was a 40 minute drive out with the Juan and Isabel Ortiz family.  We got a bit lost which was scary until I remembered that I had a handy dandy GPS.  

We sang hymns with our investigator Juanita.  SHE LOVED THEM. We have it all set up on her phone so that she can listen to them whenever! 
Juan Abraham is almost done reading the Book of Mormon completely after 3 weeks.
amazing... we are working on coming to church
we got a bunch of referrals from strangers this week and that was awesome! They have lots of potential we just keep working.

I have to say how much satisfaction I get from working.  I get tired when I'm not working but when you get to work, you forget how exhausted you feel. 
Missionary work is great. I have too many stories to even write them. Trust me after the mission, everyone is invited to come up AF canyon, pitch a tent for a week and share all that happened in their lives these 18 months.  I know you are all doing good things and I am thrilled to share and hear our memories!

love you,
hermana waters
oh and ps. i hit 10 months this past saturday-------> how?

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