Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Week 44 - Ceres, Hughson


I never know how to start these things so bank on them being awkward every week. okay?

 I was excited to hear that Patricia and Juan in Modesto were married and baptized from the Modesto missionaries! I still remember when Hermana Zapata and I met her out in the street carrying several bags of groceries back to her house. It all started with a small act of service of returning her load back to her house. Definitely a miracle of someone prepared placed in our path. 

Yesterday, investigators Rebecca and Reuben invited us to have dinner with them.  It was delicious-Ortega burgers, homegrown fresh salad and fruit.(definitely something I'm going to miss in Utah)  It was a thick hamburger patty from Costco wish grilled Ortega chiles laid on top.  mmmm. We were sitting at the dinner table waiting for Rebecca to come from the kitchen with our hamburgers already prepared when Reuben started eating.  Me and Hermana Trejo were just sitting there when Rebecca comes out from the kitchen and said, 'REUBEN, IBAN ORAR...'  (They were going to pray) He gives the look of 'oh no' and looked over at us.  We explained that it is a 'rule' that whoever starts eating before saying the prayer, is the one who has to say it.  He had never said a prayer with us before and we were thinking he'd just laugh it off and insist on us or Rebecca saying the prayer like normal.  But all he mentioned was that he didn't know how to pray beautifully like us but ok.  Sin inclinando nuestras cabezas, oro.  Dandole a Dios gracias por nosotras y su esposa. Fue cortita pero poderosa la oracion. Empezo a llorar con lagrimas en sus ojos.  pero fueron lagrimas gosozas. Without bowing our heads, he prayed.  Giving thanks to God for us and his wife.  The prayer was short but powerful. He started to cry with tears in his eyes.  but they were tears of joy.
Though something simple, I know there is power in the small things we do.  

I hope you are taking care. I love you all, miss you so much and think about you a lot.

loves, xoxo
Hermana Waters

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