Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Week 45 - Ceres, Hughson


We had many, many, many miracles this week.  They really come in the smaller things. I'm going to recount a few because I feel grateful.
 We were just putting the bikes on the car to head out to Waterford for the day when a man pulls up in an older car.  He had rolled down his window and was speaking to us in his little english asking who he should call to see if there were vacancies in the apartment complex. We happened to be out just at the right time. We responded in spanish, telling him we would look into it and get back with him.  He asked us what we do and after telling him who we were, he told us where he lives and invited us to come by and share a message with him and his family over dinner.  It really was amazing how every minute a missionary has is greatly valued and precious for we met this kind Guatemalan man Dito right outside the apartment.
That same day we were biking in Waterford when I saw a man sitting out with 2 little kids playing in a pool. We got talking and a young woman came out.  She asked us who we were and what we were doing on bikes in this heat.  Before we could even respond, she said, 'are you missionaries?' She goes on to tell us how she's lived in this little home for 2 months with her boyfriend and 2 children and how she didn't really know a lot of people.  We explained about the special message of the restoration.  She told us we need to come by and teach her.  She speaks english and explained the transition to the english sisters.  She quickly took their number and we took hers in exchange.  We rode off as she was telling us to have them call her any day. 
In the night of that same day (we were blessed),  an 18 year old girl approached us on the street after we had said, 'hello'  She had her hand extended out and a smile on her face.  I believe I had a weird look on my face wondering what was happening and if I should know her... She knew exactly who we were and began talking with us.  As we talk we find out she lives in Modesto, has a cousin who is a member, and has always had interest in what we have to share.  When she was younger, missionaries came by but her mom always said, 'you have to stay true to the faith' referring to their catholic tradition.  She just kept lingering with a smile on her face, also waiting for us to say something.  Maria is her name.  She is super special and how lucky are those Modesto missionaries.  It really was such a special contact.

My heart is full of gratitude this week for all the marvelous blessings God has given us.

Hermana Waters

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