Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Week 50 - Ceres, Hughson

Cheers to ​a year.  Weirdest things ever filled with mixed emotions.

I was able to see Socorro this weekend in Modesto which brought such joy.  I have been reading a lot from Mosiah/Alma and can really say that the joy the sons of Mosiah and Alma Jr. felt in sharing the gospel is real.  just as real as the sadness. But nothing can beat the feeling of knowing these people and getting a peek at how God sees every single one of them.  I am currently on a Libro de Mormon high.  I cannot put it down.  I finally feel like I am understanding and remembering the stories. I feel that it has all the answers.  This past week, Hermana Trejo and I taught Gospel Principles class on la obra misional, missionary work.  Principios del Evangelio is where less actives, recent converts, and investigators go for Sunday school.  Due to my current Book of Mormon rave, I insisted that we really focused in on learning directly from the scriptures.  So I wrote some questions on a chalk board such as what is missionary work? and how do we do it? Then we had Luis, a recent convert (baptized 2 weeks ago) choose a random chapter of the Book of Mormon.  He chose Alma 8.  One of my MTC teachers Hermano Clark shared with us a promise.  He promised us that no matter what question we had, what doubt, concern, formatted as a question could be answered by ANY chapter from the Book of Mormon.  I had done it several times before since that point and all throughout my mission.  It worked every time.  So I really was banking on this promise for the class this Sunday.  I wanted them to learn 2 things:

1. what missionary work is
2. that the Book of Mormon could answer whatever question they may haveI felt as though in this class of about 20 recent converts, less actives, and investigators, it would be a great opportunity for them to feel of the power of the Book of Mormon and the need to share it with others.  

Time flew by and it was a success in my eyes.  Every single person made a comment, connecting how this story of Alma being rejected in the city of Ammonihah and his return to what missionary work is and how they could do it.  It was beautiful I could have cried.  

I love you all and hope that you put the Book of Mormon challenge to the test.

Hermana Waters

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