Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Week 51 - Ceres Hughson

Hola a mis queridos hermanos y hermanas. Espero que se encuentren bien. Y bien listos para la conferencia en general.

Okay it has gotten chilly.  I am adjusted here and 70s just feels like 20s.  Christmas time is coming up and even our members are starting to choose Christmas songs in the sacrament meeting to sing... There are some mixed feeling about that but hey I just play what they tell me to play.  

We had a miracle with one of our investigators, Claudia. Her best friend from San Jose called her up and shared her testimony with her about The Book of Mormon.  She didn't even know her friend was a member but surprise! She was so excited.  We were able to talk with her friend over the phone and found out she is coming up to visit Claudia in October! Claudia now is progressing and we hope to see her continue, knowing that she has the support of her friend.  They will be coming to church together the Sundays that she is here!
We did a family home evening with the Sanchez family.  I sent some photos. We cut out and made people for the prophet, his counselors, and the 12 apostles in preparation for General Conference.  It was highly effective so we are keeping up with the crafts for them to help the children understand.  They are working on learning all their names for conference.  I cannot wait to return and do more spiritual crafts with them.
The General Woman's conference was this past Saturday. It was beautiful. I wish it had lasted longer. It mentioned a lot about the Doctrine of Christ and how we need more people who understand this doctrine. This doctrine includes the Master's ability to heal all. The story of the bipolar woman whose mom said she'd give everything to take away what her daughter was facing touched my heart. I can recall several times when my very mother has said the same thing. 'I would do anything to take all your pain away' Carole M. Stephen continued to say that this mature woman facing a great storm of bipolar disorder responded, 'You don't have to, someone already has' in reference to the Savior. I know that Heavenly Father carried our sufferings of all kinds. I feel that God loves us and hope that in our moments of trial we never forget of that love.  No matter how hard it might be to think it still exists.  
Dieter F. Uchtdorf said something I really liked,
 'There are more ways to see than with our eyes, there are more ways to feel than with our hands and there are more ways to hear than with our ears. '  Just because maybe we can't see, hear or feel God's love does not mean that it is not there.  LISTEN HARDER he reminded us.

I love you all,
Hermana Waters

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