Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 59 - Turlock

4 month friends and family!

I miss you and love you all.  Definitely it was a crazy week. Transfers are next week I'll keep you posted if I stay or if I go.

This week was great! Erika is still going to be getting baptized still November 26.  Crazy story with her, on Sunday in Relief Society they taught the word of wisdom and at this point we hadn't taught Erika the word of wisdom. Well that Thursday we return and teach her the word of wisdom for the first actual time and she told us since Sunday she has been living it.  We were amazed.  She was drinking it every morning and now is completely off of it.  She isn't even letting her husband drink it and he's not even listening to us... Poor guy. She is fire.  

Can I just express my love for President Palmer? I believe I have the best mission president on the face of the earth. Wow time has gone too quickly.  I cannot believe we have got 4 months.

keep up the good work at home. I love you 

Hermana Waters

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