Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 56 - Turlock

5 months left and I know President Palmer and Sister Palmer are already counting down, my name is on the list of farewells in a couple of transfers that's posted in the office.​  In not too long my flight plans will be sent out. 

one of the many miracles this week: We were called up by a lady named Erika (40 years old) to come to her house and teach her. I had never met her and neither had Hermana Rodas.  We set up a time and went to the house unsure if she was a member that is less active or a potential investigator.  After talking, we learned that her sisters are all members as well as her mother.  She explained that she had seen the power in our prayers as Elders had came many times and given blessings.  She wanted us to return a couple days later. We did. We were excited and had everything planned out.  Restoration focused on what a prophet is and why the Book of Mormon is key.  We start and it's going no where.  She just keeps responding how the catholics do it and seemed to care less to our message.  We knew we should just wrap it up and head out.  Well half way through the lesson, she ran inside to grab something and me and my companion gave each other the look,  and concluded Hermana Rodas was going to have the last say and peace out. THIS IS WHEN THE MIRACLE HAPPENS.  Erika returns and it's as if everything was flipped on us.  She sits down and opens up how she knows she is missing something.  She goes on to tell us about our message and doing everything to know if it is true.  We could not believe it.  She came to church this past Sunday with her 19 year old daughter and 2 year old son.  She stayed all 3 hours and afterwards said she had loved it.  She doesn't have the support of her husband but we have faith that one day his heart will be changed.

In personal study this morning, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for my mission-all the people I have come to love, the things I've learned, and more than anything the changes I've made.  To think that everything will change in 5 months makes me nervous.  The power of the gospel has brought me here and has made my love grow greatly for this area of Modesto, as well as these people.  The Lord has given us everything and as we live day to day, let us remember to show our gratitude by loving his children (everyone) and keeping his commandments.  I love you all and know that the gospel is true.  

Love you,

Hermana Waters

ps. always have to have an animal photo so here i am with Roma, Paniagua's bunny

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