Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 60 - Turlock

WOW what a week.  Let's not even talk about it.

I am staying here in Turlock with Hermana Rodas! That means Christmas and Thanksgiving will be here in Turlock.  
We have 2 miracle baptisms this Wednesday, for Sarai and Emily Covarrubias, 19 and 18 year old girls who have been waiting since they were 8 to be baptized since their dad wouldn't let them.  Truly is a blessing to be able to help others and teach them.  
We have 2 others on date right now, Erika and Susanna.  We are super excited as we go out looking for these people ready.  It is the season.  Also look out for the new initiative that gets released Friday! Go onto LDS.org and check it out Friday.  
Also keep up the hope.  In my weeks of discouragement and anger, I often find myself doubting my service and mission.  I had a spiritual experience where I had Heavenly Father confirm to me that I am supposed to be here and right now.  I did learn a lot about enduring, that really, God is in charge and after doing all we need to do, he will take care of the rest.

Keep up the faith, don't give Satan a reason to smile and don't do anything that would distance you from the spirit.

love you.
sorry it's short
I'll be better next week.

Hermana Waters

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