Oakland Temple

Oakland Temple

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 57 - Turlock

Hola friends and family!

We received tons of rain which means that God is answering these Californian's prayer and ours too.  The streets were flooded by the end.  Biking afterwards was so BOMB.  
This week lots of things happened.  First off, we had exchanges and I went to Modesto with Hermana Dayton.  Well we got up there to finish off the night and then the next morning we got up and did our studies.  Well after doing our studies, we eat lunch then head out.  I had ate several little chocolates that they had given me for Halloween and then my lunch was an orange.  Not to much later, I was puking on the side of the road...  Hermana Dayton called Sister Palmer who told me to stay in and rest.  This was the first and hopefully last day I have to spend inside.  So here I was in Modesto (not even my home apartment) in bed (my sheets and blankets) with a Bible video playing and a puke bowl.  I kept puking and my stomach was not happy.  I fell asleep for 4 hours when Hermana Dayton woke me up and said that it was time to swap back companions and that the exchange was over.  I hobbled out with my sheets and bag and returned to Turlock.  After that day I was fine but I was stupid enough to try just 1 chocolate the next day and I felt sick again.  I believe I must be allergic or something but yeah.  I won't be eating anymore chocolate. :( 
Then there is Erika a WONDERFUL lady we are teaching and she is progressing like crazy.  She is going to all the activities, all 3 hours of church, and we are going by to teach her tonight and invite her to a baptismal date!  
I wrote my homecoming talk this week and feel pretty satisfied with it and my return date.  Less than 5 months and my companion and I agreed that we are going to say 4 months starting tomorrow since it will be November and we go home in March... Geeze.
I love you all so much.  Read your scriptures, pray to your Heavenly Father (not virgin maria) and go to church.

Hermana Waters

check out this beautiful video that was posted on LDS.org

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